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Professional and competitive. A Bristol building business with a solid reputation. With many satisfied customers across Bristol and the surrounding area we are only too happy to provide free quotes and references from our previous projects. Don’t hesitate to call Bristol Builders for friendly and helpful advice.

We also do Landscape Gardening Work. From a small  and simple decked area to to perhaps something more lavish incorporating various zones and materials in a complete garden makeover, we can help with your landscape gardening requirements.

Bristol Builders offering a range of high-quality building services:

  • Home Extensions
  • All Work Completed to Satisfaction
  • Building Renovations
  • Refurbishment
  • Knock-throughs
  • Landscape Gardening
  • Clear Written Estimates

Contact Bristol Builders through our contact page.

Large and small jobs welcome and all other services such as plastering and painting are all taken care of by my skilled team.

Looking for Bristol Builders who can complete to a high standard a variety of services from general maintenance to construction? Bristol Builders who have a vast experience and an enviable reputation for our quality of work.

Please do not hesitate to contact your local Bristol builders today to discuss your requirements with us. Our knowledgeable and friendly advice will guide you through the services we offer so that you have all the information you need for a project fully tailored to your requirements. Bristol builders who understand that no two projects are the same. We work hard to source the best materials for our customers and work with quality and care.

Bristol Builders Strong on Reputation

Our reputation as Bristol builders is second to none in the Bristol area. We are proud to say that many of our valued customers contact Bristol Builders for high-quality work on further projects. Bristol Builders has many happy customers satisfied that their project has been completed to the highest industry standards.

conservatory-home-bristol-buildersOur team at Bristol Builders has long experience executing to the highest standards projects which involve the popular style of mixing modern and traditional styles. We have undertaken a number of barn conversions and renovations of period cottages, updating them for modern lifestyle whilst remaining sympathetic to the heritage of the building. Bristol Builders can make suggestions to add to your plans so that your project brings in the best of both worlds.

Bristol Builders advice on Home Security

Just in the time it it will take you to read this article it is statically likely that another home somewhere in the UK will have been burgled.  In Bristol alone there is approximately 1 burglary per 100 citizens every year – that is approximately 5000 per year. In Bath the rate is lower at about 0.5 burglaries per 100 citizens, but that is still 500 buildings burgled a year.

A thief is generally on the look out for an empty house, and quick easy ways to get in and out again. To see your house through the eyes of a potential intruder consider what you would do to get back in if you were locked out? If your answer was: ‘I would have to call a locksmith’, then that means your house is probably fairly secure. However, if your answer was more along the lines of: ‘I wouldn’t need a locksmith there’s a window with a loose catch that can be knocked open from the outside’; or: ‘… one of my doors has a weak lock that can I could force open with a good shove with my shoulder’; or: ‘there’s a ladder in the back garden that I could use to get to an unlocked upstairs window’; or anything similar, then that is exactly how easy it would be for a burglar to get into your property.

Home security is all about; firstly trying to make the potential intruder think you are in even when you’re out, and secondly about making life as difficult and risky as possible for the intruder that does decide to have a go. For some great tips on this we would recommend having a look at Bristol and Locksmiths’ Security Tips and Advice Page. If you have any doors and windows that are beyond the point of making secure then get in contact with us at Bristol builders for a great quote on some quality replacements.

Bristol Builders Advice on Planning a New Kitchen

The kitchen is generally speaking the most used room in a home. A well thought out and well executed kitchen can be the heart of a happy and well functioning home, whereas a poorly planned and executed kitchen is at best likely to be the cause of ongoing inconvenience and stress, and at worse, can even be potentially dangerous. The advice in this article will enable you to create a kitchen which is safe and relaxing to live and work in.

The first step in planning a new kitchen is to carefully and accurately measure the shape and dimensions of the space the kitchen is to be situated in. We would advise you to work in mm (millimetres) as the majority of kitchens in the UK are made and supplied in metric modular sizes. Do not forget to include the dimensions and positions of any fixed items such as doors and windows which will not be getting altered as part of the kitchen renovation. Once you have taken all these measurements draw a scale drawing of the floor plan of your kitchen. We would suggest a scale 1:10. This means a wall of length 1000mm (1 meter) will be represented by 100mm (10cm) on your drawing. This will require a sheet of A3 paper to fit an average size kitchen. Next on a separate piece of paper draw scale drawings of all the units and appliances you think you are likely to need, then cut these out so that they can be placed on your floor plan drawing.

Now have fun manipulating your cut out units and appliances on your floor plan to get a good feel of what will fit and and what layout is best. Remember that the three main items of your kitchen are going to be: cooker, sink, and fridge; so there should ideally be an arrangement of these items that forms a triangular working area with lots of worktop space in between. It is particularly important to have good worktop space either side of a cooker (300 mm as a minimum). Also remember that a hob should never be cited under a window, or any cooker too close to an inward opening door where the door could be opened into somebody using the cooker.

Next give us a call at Builders Bristol and we will come and fit it for you.

Bristol Builders Advice on Planning a New Bathroom

planning new bathroomThe bathroom is a very important part of a home. It is used by family, friends, and other visitors alike, and ideally it should be visually appealing, nice to use, and perhaps above all, easy to keep clean and hygienic. Furthermore the bathroom(s) in a house, along with the kitchen, is probably one of the most important factors that affect the value of the property. A good well planned and well installed bathroom will not only provide the benefits stated above but will also be a great asset when the time comes to sell a house on. With the strong property values in cities such as Bristol, even a few percentage points of increased value can translate to thousands of pounds so a new bathroom is a project well worth undertaking.

Planning a new bathroom is not particularly difficult, and even the installation, whether you do it yourself or leave it to professionals such as us at Bristol builders, is a fairly straightforward series of tasks. Modern plumbing fittings are fairly easy to use so the task is certainly well within the grasp of a competent DIY person. A word of warning however: if you have never done any substantial DIY previously we would very strongly suggest that a new bathroom installation is not the place the start.

The first step, and for some this will be the most enjoyable part, is to visit some specialist bathroom and general DIY stores and see what is available, both in terms of style and functionality. Bristol is very well served with lot’s of sores where one can go and look at bathrooms. We would suggest that you do not just assume you already know what’s out there because perhaps you went through this process a few years ago for example; new styles and models are constantly being developed and brought to market by designers and manufactures all around the world, so it will always be well worth while to take at least an afternoon to look again.

Step two is to decide exactly what you want in the new bathroom and where everything will be positioned; the various parts of the bathroom (WC, basin, bath etc) do not have to go back in the same positions as the old units but do bear in mind that changes mean extra plumbing. For a basin or bath this might not mean a lot of extra expense, but in the case of the WC is likely to. Modifications will likely be needed to the soil stack; a lot of properties in Bristol still have their old cast iron soil stacks which are difficult to work with so complete replacement with modern plastic components might be necessary; this is a job that would be beyond the scope of all but the most competent of DIY installers so might well be best left to a builder. When planning the new layout do bear in mind that space will be required each item to facilitate it’s use; for example space around the bath to enable getting in and out and drying off etc. A bathroom that is too tightly packed in with too many items, or items that are too large for the space available, will be difficult in practice to use.

The final step in the planning process is to finalise your thoughts on exactly which fixtures and fittings you want and to place your order for them in good time so that everything is ready on site for work to commence. Builders of Bristol will be happy to undertake the installation of your new bathroom so please get in touch with us if this is what you would like done; however if you have decided to go the DIY route please come and see this site soon as we we hope to soon be bringing you our Builders Bristol bathroom installation guide.

Bristol Builders Advice on Which Own Brand DIY Products Are Best – Wickes or B&Q

bottle-gullyAt Bristol builders we often get asked for advice on which DIY products are best, and the question often is: are Wickes products better or B&Q  products – as these are the most prominent DIY stores in the Bristol area. As a general rule of thumb we would same that Wickes products often, but not always, tend to be better quality.

For example a few years ago we conducted a detailed comparison of drainage products. By drainage products we are talking about the big four inch (100 mm) pipes and fittings that connect to toilets etc to carry away the soil waste. These products get laid down at the very early stages of a construction project as part of the ground works, and often run below sub floors and under or through foundations. For this reason any problems, leaks, with such items during the life cycle of a structure will mean a great deal of expense as a lot of work will need to be done just to get at the offending item, and of course a lot of work after repair or rplacement of the faulty item to rebuild everything else back.

Therefore we at Bristol Builders are always careful to use the best possible drainage products, and as we do sometimes source our materials from ‘high street’ stores such as B&Q and Wickes simply because sometimes this can be quicker and easier than going through our usual suppliers, we conducted the above mentioned test.

When it comes to these drainage products the most important component is the fittings so we paid particular attention to these. We found that the quality of the fittings on the Wickes product was far superior, providing for a more solid and reliable fix of the pipework. In fact we are fairly certain that the Wickes drainage product range is supplied by a company called Hunter which is one of the leading manufacturers of such products.

We have also had good experiences with some Wickes own brand power tools. For example one of our guys has a Wickes own brand cordless drill/driver that is nearly 10 years old and still going, and still on the original set of batteries!

So there’s a little snap shot of our experience of own brand DIY products for you, we hope you find that helpful.

Bristol Builders Respects Your Time

At Bristol builders we know that a lot of valuable time can be wasted due to builders and other tradesman not turning up on time and not keeping to the schedules that they give. Bristol is a big city and with a public transport system that is far from great, therefore traffic congestion is often a problem. At certain times of the week and day it may take well over an hour to get from one side of the city to another,  that can translate to a two hour round trip. That’s why at Bristol builders we will always guarantee to be at an appointment for when we say we will, so you will never have a wasted trip if you are traveling to meet us.

Similarly when it comes to our deadlines for when we have promised completion of a job we make sure we will stick to them. Some other builders in the Bristol area may think nothing of finishing a building job two, three, or more weeks late, not us at Bristol builders, we’ll get the job completed for the date we stated at the onset. Of course this does mean setting a realistic completion date in the first place. A lot of builders operate in Bristol so competition is high. Unfortunately a lot of other builders use unrealistic completion dates as a way of trying to get ahead of the competition. Fortunately for us at Builders of Bristol our reputation means that we are never short of work so we do not have to resort to such practices. At Builders of Bristol the our work will be completed for the date promised.

Sympathetic Bristol Builders

We are committed to conservation and are proud to say that PM Bristol Builders have undertaken the sympathetic restoration of many precious listed buildings  We are Bristol builders with an excellent reputation for maintaining the character of such buildings. We source the most authentic materials for this work from contacts made during the long experience of completing impressive projects.

Looking for Bristol builders who have a portfolio of completed work which we can talk through with you in order to provide inspiration for the finer details of your own project.

We are trained to the highest standards.  We are Bristol Builders who aim for perfection every time and ensure all members of our team have the attention to detail necessary to achieve this.

Bristol Builders for Interiors

Interior building works and the fittings of new installations such as
kitchen and bathroom units. However small or awkward the shape of the room, Bristol Builders will work with you to identify the units and materials needed to make the best use of the space.

Over the years as Bristol builders we have built up a vast experience of tiling. We tile kitchen, bathroom and wet rooms walls and floors. Work is done with a minimum of wastage in order to keep your costs down. Value for money for clients is important to us a competitively priced Bristol builders.

Bristol Builders for Conservatories

Bristol  builders known for the quality conservatory building. The conservatories installed by  Bristol Builders are of the highest quality and will keep you warm in the winter and cool during the summer months. Understanding the use of the conservatory will help our experts at Bristol Builders to advise you on the correct flooring, bristol-builders-extensionsglass and ventilation to accurately meet your needs. Help us help you to make the most of your property and to maximise its value by adding a room that is pleasant to use all year round.

Bristol Builders for Large Projects

The previous commercial projects worked on by Bristol Builders include refurbishments, alterations and new builds. Nursing homes,  churches and banks have all used the top-quality services provided by Bristol Builders. As a result of our excellent work and customer service, Bristol Builders has a number of repeat customers in this field.

P.M. Bristol Builders will not compromise on the quality of its work. A set of well-maintained tools is crucial for completing any project to the highest standard without any unnecessary delays. You can rely on Bristol Builders tools to get the job done.

Bristol Builders Safe Site Management

Bristol Builders provides itself on keeping the site as tidy and safe as possible during the completion of a project. We work hard to minimise the disruption to home or office life, and guarantee that the Bristol Builders employees will clear the site to your high standards at the end of a project. You can then get on with enjoying your new conservatory, extension, converted or new property straight away. Bristol Builders will take the hassle out of building work.

Bristol Builders knows that the quality of a building project rests largely on the quality of the materials used. With good working relationships with reputable building merchants, Bristol Builders will use only top quality materials for your building project.

Bristol Builders for Customer Service

At Bristol Builders , we understand that customer choice is vital element in customer satisfaction. Whether it is a choice of the type of cladding or even the type of brackets used, Bristol Builders will fully explain all options and what best fits the project you have in mind.

Bristol Builders will provide an honest quotation at the outset of a project so that you can decide the best route for your project to take and can avoid any hidden surprises on the way. Customers appreciate the honesty of Bristol Builders in all that we do, from quotations to the quality of building materials.

conservatory-home-bristol-buildersWith our network of contacts in affiliated trades, Bristol Builders can recommend specialist workers that we know complete work to the same exacting standards we do. So if you need an electrician to complete aspects of the project, ask us for the Bristol Builders recommendation so that we can get the project completed and handed to you as quickly as possible.

Contact Bristol Builders today to help you cut through the jargon and get the most competitive price for your project. Whatever the project, from roofing to tiling to new builds, Bristol Builders will provide you with a friendly, professional and reliable service at the best possible prices.

Bristol Builders are the business to turn to for all your building requirements in Bristol and the surrounding area. With many years’ experience of perfect execution of a range of projects, and the customer satisfaction that speaks for itself, why go to anyone other than Bristol Builders?

Bristol Builders has a team of skilled tradesmen ready to assist you with anything from small repairs up to the construction of new properties. We enjoy everything about our work, but most especially knowing that we have fulfilled the customer’s requirements and enhanced the customer’s property. For Bristol Builders, customer satisfaction is key.

Bristol Builders for Property Renovations and Building Extensions

The team at Bristol Builders has the ability to assist you on a wide range of projects. Bristol Builders has previously been contracted renovate properties, to convert properties and to add extensions and conservatories to enhance the value of the property.

We understand that it can be difficult to get hold of a builder who is willing to come out to your property to do emergency repairs, especially at weekends and at night. Bristol Builders always has staff on hand who will travel to you at these awkward hours to fix your problem.

Builders Bristol Conversions and Period Property

We have members of the Bristol Builders team especially experienced in the conversion of period properties if you would like to blend traditional and modern styles. Bristol Builders also has expertise in refurbishing period properties so as to maintain their character. Bristol Builders have worked hard to source traditional materials for such projects in the past, and the team look forward to hunting down specialist materials or your project if required.

We have had many previous clients request that we convert their existing property so that it gives an open-plan style of living. This is a big project, and is one which Bristol Builders particularly enjoys getting involved in.

Bristol Builders Interior Building and Fitting

Bristol Builders are also skilled in interior building and fitting, such as the laying of floors, the fitting of kitchen and bathroom units, and tiling.

Bristol Builders has a tidy and professional team which works with clients at both domestic and commercial properties. We take pride in completing first class work for our clients, whatever the project.

Bristol Builders will quote you an honest estimation at the beginning of your project. This will allow you to accurately budget for the work and to be safe in the knowledge that the excellent work you see being carried out by the Bristol Builders team is all included in the price you have been quoted or has been later agreed: unlike with those some other builders, your invoice from Bristol Builders will not contain any nasty surprises.

Bristol Builders Quality Building Materials

Bristol Builders only uses the best quality supplies from reputable merchants. We guarantee that Bristol Builders will give you the choice of a range of style and price options for your project, and that all materials used will be to the standard stipulated.

bristol-builders-extensionsBristol Builders has a large range of well-maintained tools at their disposal. This means that a project by Bristol Builders will be done in the shortest possible time, as we wont’t be waiting around to source tools or for repairs. Unlike some of our rivals, Bristol Builders fully understand that you will want disruptive building work to be completed as quickly as possible, and we will strive to achieve this. Bristol Builders also aim to cause the minimum of disruption to your home or office whilst work is ongoing.

Bristol Builders- The Best Tradesmen for Every Building Job

Over our many years in the trade we have made good contacts with affiliated tradesmen, such as electricians and plumbers, and we can recommend trusted professionals that the team at Bristol Builders would be happy to have working in their own homes. Bristol Builders can liaise with these contacts so that we work together to get a large project finished in the shortest possible time.

Bristol Builders has an excellent reputation in Bristol and the surrounding area. Bristol Builders are known for their professionalism and attention to detail. We are a reliable and skilled team. Get in touch with Bristol Builders today – we look forward to working with you.

Bristol Builders- Reliable Builders in Bristol

Bristol Builders have always tried to offer unrivaled customer care and attention. All customers of Bristol Builders have been satisfied with the punctual and thorough service that we provide. Bristol Builders are equipped to undertake any job, big or small. If you are having problems in and around the house, call Bristol Builders and I will take care of all of your domestic building work. Honesty and fairness are the priority for Bristol Builders. Get in touch for more information.

Bristol Builders Taking Care of Your Building Work

For all of your building work, call Bristol Builders and we will take care of it! Bristol Builders offer a cost effective and trustworthy service for domestic and commercial jobs. Bristol Builders have worked hard to build up a large customer base and flawless reputation. Bristol Builders pride ourselves on being the hardest working builders in Bristol, and the most friendliest! If you are lconservatory-home-bristol-buildersooking for builders in Bristol who understand the importance of quality, call us today.

Bristol Builders are Quality Builders in Bristol

Builders in Bristol look to provide a quality service to both commercial and domestic buildings. Bristol Builders have a number of years experience working within the local area on a number of different projects. Bristol Builders have an excellent reputation for all of the work that we undertake. No matter what your job is, Bristol Builders promise to give you the best price and the best service. No job is too big or too complicated for Bristol Builders and that makes us stand apart from the competition. All materials used by Bristol Builders are supplied by a quality and specialist supplier. The quality of work done by Bristol Builders is second to none.

Bristol Builders Considerate Builders in Bristol

For reliable and efficient service, look no further that Bristol Builders. We promise to be the most communicative and punctual Bristol Builders. The team at Bristol Builders pride themselves on superb customer service an dedication to the job. Bristol Builders aim to make your building work go as smoothly as possible so that you are free to enjoy your new home as soon as possible. Bristol Builders have built their reputation on years of superb customer service and we always wear a smile. Nowadays it is very rare to find builders in Bristol who you can trust and that is why Bristol Builders aim to offer a service that others can’t compete with. For reliability and trust from beginning to end, Bristol Builders are the ones to call when you need Bristol Builders.

Bristol Builders About Us

Bristol Builders are a rarity nowadays, this is because we always work with the customer’s priorities first. We know that you expect a service that you can trust, along with reliability and honesty on the part of the team at Bristol Builders. That is why Bristol Builders take so much pride in our work and operate with a large and longstanding customer base, Bristol Builders promise to work in a way to reduce the amount of stress and hassle that you face when you book us for a job. Whatever your problem, give Bristol Builders a call and we will be over as soon as possible to give you a price and solve your problem.

Bristol Builders Our Building Services


Bristol Builders should always be top of your ‘must not lose’ numbers. Bristol Builders are always on hand to sort out problems in and around your house. From your bedroom to your bathroom, Bristol builders can bring their expert services to fix and construct. Trust and reliability now play a bigger part than ever in choosing a builder in Bristol, there has to be a guarantee that the work will be completed to the best quality, with no corners cut, guaranteeing that you get the service you expect for an honest price. Builders Bristol promise that our quotes are honest, Bristol Builders work well and our attitude excellent. Bristol Builders have always been dedicated to winning customers through hard work, excellence and reliable results. The quality of our work speaks for itself as satisfied customers call us back again and again for renovations, repairs and new builds. If you need a builder in Bristol then we guarantee to give you the honesty that may lack in many of our rivals, Bristol Builders also promise work that you can trust and reliability around the clock.

Bristol Builders: Building that adds value to your home

Bristol Builders complete building work that will enhance your property and add value to your building. Adding a conservatory to your house is a great way of adding extra space and value to your property without spending a fortune. There are a number of different designs of conservatory to suit all styles of houses and tastes. Bristol Builders always suggests that you choose a design to suit your house, your preference and budget so your property is enhanced and value added. Never pick anything that will not be in the in keeping aesthetically with the rest of your home as this can be a problem that you will have for the duration of your time in your property. Bristol Builders will always ensure that your conservatory has adequate ventilation and shade for your conservatory so that the addition can be used all year round.. Our experience has proved to us that there is nothing worse than a conservatory that is too hot in summer and too cold in winter and that is why our expertise come in so useful. Fortunately Bristol Builders have the expertise to ensure that your conservatory is suitable for use all year round come rain or shine!

Bristol Builders What We do

Bristol Builders carry out a multitude of different work. Bristol Builders always carry out jobs, no matter the size, scale or length of the project. All types of building work are carried out by Builders in Bristol; from complete new builds from the ground up, to full scale renovations, redecoration, exterior work, interior work, structural repairs, landscaping and bathrooms and kitchens – Builders Bristol do it all! All of our work is hand tailored to your project, we never go for the ‘one size fits all’ mentality. For Bristol Builders each job we carry out is a new challenge and we thrive on trying to better ourselves to give you the best service we can offer. All carpentry, for instance, that is carried out by Bristol Builders is fitted to your specific job. If it’s a beam for a conversion or a cabinet for the kitchen you can guarantee that it will be the best product for the job. Bristol Builders will never cut corners in the quality of the product that we will fit for your job.

Bristol Builders Our Legacy

Like most Builders around, Bristol Builders started their business from the bottom up. By offering the best services in the South West this quickly led to the growth of the customer base and galvanized our flawless reputation. Bristol Builders have always worked with the same objective for the quality care and finish and have always builders-of-bristolworked with the same mentality since we were founded. This objective is carried through in every job we complete; from small maintenance jobs to major builds and extensions, Bristol Builders guarantee that you will take the same pride in our work as you do. Our estimations are always completed from many years of hard work and experience and we are willing to offer advice about the estimation. Bristol Builders have also had a great deal of experience with insurance claims so that if this applies to your building work we will always be able to offer advice and estimates involving claims. Bristol Builders know the frustration of not being able to get hold of a builder in an emergency, so we always promise to be on hand to help you with any problem, no matter how big or small. Communication is the major focus of Bristol Builders and we will never let you down.

Bristol Builders Our Expertise

Bristol Builders pride ourselves on being multi-skilled in terms of the service we provide. Our work takes place in both private and commercial properties and we cover a great deal of different jobs. Much of the work of Bristol Builders is small scale refurbishments of bathrooms or kitchens. This means that we have developed expertise in tiling which always leaves you with a finish that both of us can be proud of, the best tiling in Bristol! As well as simple re-tiling and re-decorating jobs, Bristol Builders also carry out complete kitchen and bathroom instillation. The focus of Bristol Bathroom Fitters and Bristol Kitchen Fitters is to create a finish that suits your taste as well as your budget. Bristol Builders will always offer advice on what which product is best to use for a particular job, meaning that your domestic or commercial property will be left with the best finish. Bristol Builders are also experts in plastering and redecorating all manner of properties. Our plastering in Bristol is learned from years of experience and apprenticeship, our craft is based on a dedication to being the best Bristol Builders. Bristol Builders’ redecoration service will always have the best finish that you will see.

Bristol Builders Building Refurbishment

Years of hard work mean that Bristol Builders have secured  an expertise and huge level of skill in refurbishing private and commercial properties. Many examples of our work can be seen in and around the Bristol area and the finish and longevity of Bristol Builders building work stands as testimony to itself. Bristol Builders have bristol builders conservatorymany examples of the work that they have carried out so that you, the customer, can have a greater understanding of the process and progress of the work. One of the greatest problems when looking at a renovation, new build or refurbishment is the hassle of planning and building permission. Bristol Builders are well versed with the issues that many people face when trying to converse with the local authorities on their own, this is one of the many services that Bristol Builders can offer to you. We promise to take away all of the strain of long phone calls and clashes of opinion. Bristol Builders work very closely with local authorities on a regular basis and so we know the system in and out. We also know the importance of liaising and being fully communicative with you throughout the duration of the project.

Bristol Builders for Exterior Work

Bristol Builders also take great pride in the work that they can do to the exterior of many properties in Bristol. Repair work to the outside of buildings  that have been empty for many years or that have been particularly badly damaged by frost are one of the biggest challenges that face Bristol Builders. Most of our pointing and Brick work takes place in the older Georgian properties in Bristol, this is necessary for the maintenance of the wonderful old buildings that give the city its character. The work of maintaining these older buildings generally involves carefully cutting out the old and damaged bricks and replacing and re-pointing the new bricks. Bristol Builders have a great deal of experience with exterior projects, making their work some of the best in Bristol.

Bristol Builders: Always Ready to help.

bristol-builders-in-actionBristol builders are always ready to help with your building and property maintenance requirements in the Bristol area. Get in touch with one of our friendly knowledgeable staff today – you will instantly feel in safe hands with Bristol Builders. We are always happy to provide advice and help. We will always take the time to understand your building requirements exactly so that we can give you good help and advice as well as an accurate estimate or quote for the work you require.


How to Plaster a wall.

At Builders of Bristol we often get asked about how we do certain tasks. This is sometimes because our customers might wish to have a go at doing certain jobs themselves or more often simply because people like to understand the techniques and methods we use. One of the commonest questions we get asked is; how do you plaster a wall? Well below is a great video that shows how to do just that! (Part 1)

(…and here is part 2)

Do You need An Emergency Locksmith?

Whilst Bristol Builders can undertake general lock fitting work, for specialist lock work and emergency entry (e.g. if you are locked out), we recommend Bristol and Bath Locksmiths. If you live in Yate Bristol & Bath locksmiths also operate a Yate service, see: Bristol & Bath Locksmiths – Yate Service.

Update: Bristol and Bath Locksmiths have also asked us to tell you about their new Gloucester locksmiths service, set up to serve the city of Gloucester and the surrounding area.